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August 26. 2019: I have been doing a lot of thinking and pondering. I don't have TS1 installed at the moment, and don't know if or when I will have it run again. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to get it to work, including running it with a NO-CD crack, which I suspect made the game crash frequently. Please send pleas to Maxis to get the TS1 Complete Collection on Origin, PLEASE! I have all the CD, it just takes an eternity to install every single one of them, and then there are always some problems along the way. I may put all the houses up AS THEY ARE. Most have pictures, but some don't. Most files are named, some not. Its a big job to sort them all.

HOWEVER, I have started to build them in TS4. I've done 3 so far (Burgundy Bliss, French Country Garden and Alluring Arches) and you can find them on my TS4 Gallery under the EA ID Kathykins. Gallery in game is honestly the easiest way to find them and download. I never use the web gallery. Click Houses in the menu to find them.

August 7. 2019: So I made a beginners bo-bo with Mippy's object page. It has been fixed now. Also, her paintings and plants have been added. You find the links on the objects page. Happy simming!

May 22. 2019: So, a "few days" has turned into a year and a half. I've had problems with my computer, with my will to work on this stuff, and with life in general. But hey, Mip's objects are up, and more stuff will follow. ALSO, I'm doing paintings for The Sims 4, which will also be added in the not so distant future. I also have plans to build our TS1 houses in TS4. Should be interesting, at least!

August 10. 2017: Fixed download links. Some were linked as zip-files, when indeed they were rar-files (collective page downloads). Will be mindful of what type of files are linked from now on! Working on Mippyme's objects next. Will take a few days, lots of images to edit.

August 3. 2017: Mamajean's walls, floors and objects are added.

August 1. 2017: Mostly done with my stuff, only missing a few paintings and the few houses I made available. Sammysmommy's walls and floors are added. Only the rest remains! :)


So, let me start at the beginning. I began my adventure with The Sims in late 2001 (can't remember exactly anymore). My brother was playing at the time, I watched him play, and became very interested in this game. What a genious consept! I got to borrow the base game and the packs he wasn't using, installed it and wow did I get addicted.

I quickly started research on how to make my own walls and floors for the game, because I wanted MORE! I learned, and joined The Sims Resource as a submitter of my creations. All of this was no easy task on slow dial-up! I really had a limited time to be online those days. *shiver* One day I was contacted by two lovely ladies (Sue & Michelle). They liked my stuff, and wanted me to join their site! I was stunned, and very flattered ... and baffled that people really liked what I made. I said YES! of course. The adventure continued.

The site was very active for a couple of years. We had many changes in staff: builders came and went, skinners, object makers...but eventually there was none left that actually did much for the original Sims anymore. TS2 was released in September 2002, and I was also very much into TSO and other games. I did feel burned out, and simply lost interest eventually.

So, there it is, 16 years later I'm playing the original again. On my Windows 10 PC. Lots of trouble to get it to run, but it does run. And its glorious! Takes some getting used to again, but its wonderful!

I found all my old downloads on a CD I burned in 2003, including our sites stuff. It is a good 500 MB worth of objects, walls, floors, skins ... you name it! Also some programs like SimCamera and Homecrafter. I was overjoyed! I'll be sharing everything I have from S&M Builders eventually. This will be a slow process, as I'm extremely rusty with web site building. Hopefully I'll get back into it relatively quickly! :)

Thank you for reading! Have fun, and happy Simming!


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